Gardens by the bay

Another packed sightseeing day started with our usual ham and cheese croissant and fresh juice from the Shaw mall. We eat on the hoof as we head to the MRT and I notice that we are pretty much the only people eating and drinking on the go. We pass plenty of eateries and people are sat eating but nobody is walking and eating snack food. Okay then just us….

First stop Raffles to see the famous building and maybe a midday cocktail. The home of the Singapore sling, a national monument, the grandest colonial architecture standing out from the contemporary style of its surroundings.

Closed for refurbishment!

Bang goes our excuse for a midday cocktail. One interesting fact I read on the tasteful boarding hiding the refurbishment was that Raffles was the surprising location of the last tiger killed in Singapore. Very colonial!

It’s unfortunate when something is closed and you only have a set time to see it but there is so many other sights to see. The harbour front is packed with visual delights and plenty of places to grab some quiet time.

They even have some sail boat action for the sea faring folk amongst you.

After a long and hot wander around the harbour what better than to cool down with a cocktail at the top of one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Meet “Ce La Vi” bar, Marina Bay Sands.

With a spring in our step fuelled entirely by Mai Tai we descended the 58 floors and set out to find the Gardens by the Bay. These Gardens are part of a strategy by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden”. The stated aim is to raise the quality of life by enhancing the greenery and flora in the city. An admirable aim and one that we are pleased to say we think they are nailing.

First attraction was to be Cloud Forest conservatory. Think posh Eden Project meets Lost World. Right off the bat we were greeted with an epic waterfall cascading from 40m.

The idea is that you ride a lift to the top of this central floral installation to the “Lost World”. You then descend slowly along sky walkways taking in the various plant life. It was incredibly lush.

Next up was the “Flower Dome”. A stunning display of flowers and natural wood sculptures from around the globe.

As night time closed in we started to make our way to the main attraction. The supergrove trees that light up to music and provide power to the whole area via solar power.

Pretty spectacular.

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