The flight from Manilla to Singapore was thankfully less eventful than our previous short hop from Mactan to Manilla which was cancelled. They automatically bumped us to a later flight at 10PM and as luck would have it we left a whole day before the connecting Singapore flight. Lord knows what we would have done if we hadn’t had that extra day as buffer. Incidentally, that delay did give us a few more hours at our stopover hotel pool…

Singapore airport or Changi International Airport is one of the largest in South East Asia and currently voted best airport in the world for the 5th year running. This proved to be a good omen for our six nights in this wonderful city.

Breezing through the empty immigration, collecting our bags pretty much as we arrived at the carousel and hopping onto the MRT (The Tube) bound for bustling Orchard road.

Our super techy digs for the latest sojourn was to be Yotel, affordable luxury in a city that can break anyone’s budget.   The hotel takes the essential elements of luxury hotels and places them into smart spaces that deliver rooms or ‘cabins’ as they like to call them with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our room is on the 28th floor and the view from the bathroom is stunning.

“Hawkins Tours” has done well again. I am very appreciative of all the Trip Advisor research that Emily does to find a hotel in budget, in a good location with lots of great “ents and eats” to be had.

Today’s “ents” started off with a mooch around Emerald hill which is pretty little conservation area with many of the heritage homes in the style of Chinese Baroque.

Next on the list was China town and given that Chinese new year falls in February we had arrived to see amazing street decorations and street markets.

One of the best things about travel is the food. Whilst we have been away we have been watching a guy called Anthony Bourdain on Netflix. He is a chef, traveller and food writer and he loves this dish called Hainanese Chicken Rice from a Hawker called TienTien in Maxwell Food Court. Guess where we ended up…

I decided that the plain looking Chicken rice was not for me so I wandered the many hawker stalls and lurked at the freshly cooked dishes. I found a delicious looking Char Siu Ramen joint and asked them to add an egg. It proved to be the best Ramen I have ever tasted.

Feeling content with our lunch we decided to walk it off around the super impressive Marina Bay Sands complex. Wow this thing was insane looking. It basically looks like towers with a big boat across the top.

Below is an amazing shopping complex with the biggest casino I have ever seen. I am not much of a gambler but the spectacle was enough to entertain. We played the machines for an hour before heading into the darkness to wait for the nightly lightshow.

What a great first day in this magnificent city.

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